Slow Down, You Crazy Child
"Stop singing your heart out to strange men whose lips can kiss love in multiple tongues, but tremble every time you ask them to spell loyalty."
— Letters to my Sisters, Neha Ray  (via 5ft1)
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Can we please give Jared Leto every award now?

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Patience. Or lack thereof.

I’ve learned that with age and experience, I’ve lost my patience for two things: chronic negativity and fucking idiots.

I think this is the kind of patience I’m okay with losing.

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Sick of the bullshit.

I’m being punished.  My boyfriend is breaking his plan to come here tonight because I hung out with someone else, told him beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to answer my phone or be reached, and he’s pissed about it.  

So let’s recap.  This week: 

- I’ve had anxiety issues

- I’ve had self harm problems

- I’ve been through an incredibly stressful period at work 

- I’ve shelled out far more money that I would like to in order to take my dog to the puppy emergency room 

- I’ve been feeling incredibly bad about myself and have been experiencing feelings of low worth 


But clearly, the answer is to not be here when you had said you would, to let me instead sit with all the fucking bullshit that’s been going on in and with my mental state lately.  Fucking brilliant. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you treat the one you “love”. 

5 months ago
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I want to throw up

I want to make out with you

I want to slam my head into the pavement

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